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Reunited Rivalry || Mao & Rasberyl


[ Mao however didn’t have any trouble, mainly because he wasn’t doing the delinquent thing and going up and asking people questions. Citizens passing by did side glance at him, but tended to stay away from him because of the serious look on his face. Though he did often catch people whispering about how a child shouldn’t be on his own in a city like this, which annoyed him albeit a bit too much. But it was fine, they were humans, they didn’t know what they were saying. Though if he hears it any more times he’s really gonna lose it.

His thoughts were in a bit of a muddle as well, but what he knew was that he was part of some war for a wish. This just proves he’s in the human world. Though, despite his view on war being completely and utterly stupid, he could still use it as an excuse to conduct a few experiments.

But then came the question about his wish. Well that was an easy one, to become the No. 1 demon in all of the Netherworlds… and any other worlds there might be. Though, one thing to remind him of said wish was the mark on his hand. He was a master now, perfect, demons should rule over humans with force alone, its the perfect role for him.

Looking down at the mark on his hand, his mind begun to picture someone, almost simultaneously with Beryl. Though he didn’t need to close his eyes to figure out the rough image. It was a human woman, with long black hair. Though the image quickly disappeared before he could properly analyse it. Best head out and try and find them, he wanted to know who his newest vassal was anyway.

But then, it happened. As Mao turned on his heel, he didn’t expect to see her, he thought he was the only one brought here! That gaudy pink outfit, the cheery disposition the well mannered delinquency! It made him feel sick. It was none other than his ‘rival’.

Clutching the shoulder of his jacket, he gritted his teeth. He made a noise which could only be phonetically described as ‘who-ta-jeh’ in shock ]


What are you doing here?!

[ That greeting only made him even more likely to throw up! Though, in actuality, Mao knew very little, but it was nothing that his 1.8 million EQ could figure out! But he couldn’t let Beryl know about it. So he feigned it, speaking through his teeth that were tightly clamped together. Of all the people that had to be here with him, it had to be her. ]

No. I’ve figured everything out already! Not a problem for my 1.8 million EQ. So go home Beryl! Leave!

Beryl held back a snicker at his reaction- him clutching the shoulder of his jacket as he made some noise that she couldn’t quite place somehow amused her. Maybe it was the small, demonic portion inside of her that still remained that caused her to almost react in these ways. Almost.

She gave a nonchalant shrug of the left shoulder and, with her head held high and her hands on her hips, strut on over until she was standing right in front of him, and not at the distance she had been. Her wings flapped once or twice, and her tail swished back and forth calmly in some kind of attempt to help her keep her balance? It was hard to tell, but if you asked Beryl, she’d just compare it to a pendulum, raise an eyebrow, and move on to how she wanted you to come with her on a 24-hour trash pick up today. 

She went on with answering her first question. ]

Not sure. One minute I was helping out some demons in another Netherworld," [ After they taught her that volunteer work couldn’t— no, shouldn’t be forced,] and the next, I was here, looking for some pink-haired woman who I think is supposed to be my master! [ She didn’t mind telling Mao about it— it’s not like either of them knew who this pink-haired mystery lady was. ] “What about you? ‘m guessing you were conducting another experiment on skirt lifting and got whisked away into this war?”

[ She, like many other demons, could agree that war was just…really dumb, and could not understand why humans would waste time, effort, and money on it. However, using it to her advantage was not the delinquent’s way! So, instead, she’d try to sort out everything peacefully, akin to what a mediator would do, and if that didn’t work, then she’d have to beat the sense into them! Kind of like what she did when she was teaching.

Urgh. Actually, lets not remember those times. She was almost considered to be an…honor student! The simple thought of being mistaken for one made her pale and shudder with disgust.

She shook her head rapidly and pulled herself away from her thoughts. ]

No. I’ve figured everything out already! Not a problem for my 1.8 million EQ. So go home Beryl! Leave!

Is that so?" [ She mused, tapping her foot on the ground, ] “Well, I’d love to leave, and I’m sure you would, too, but there are two reasons I just can’t go!

First and foremost, I have a job as a delinquent to stop this war! We all know that this little dispute isn’t going to benefit anybody, so being the total badass I am, I have to put an end to it!

And second of all, I have no idea how to get back. 

✿ This is not the destiny I asked for || Into


” I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, I — ” Ringo was more concentrated on the fact she almost hit someone by a few centimeters, this pink-haired …short…girl…? How she was supposed to describe this person !? Was it a person to begin with !? what the…A..are THOSE THORNS !? No — She shouldn’t jump into conclusions too soon when this was kind of common ! Well then, she had to met a freak now of all days ! That’s what she gets for staying in her world of fantasy for too long.

A cosplayer maybe…?!  That sounded better.

Sense of fashion became worst with every year but let’s not comment about that, she was trying to apologize anyway , not to criticize the outfit !! Except that sudden mood swing managed to confuse her by bits. She had enough problems to be troubled by that, though.

As she hugged against her chest the bag with all her supplies, Ringo stared idly at the girl. Processing her words, somewhat, it didn’t helped to the situation that she offered out of nowhere to help when the brunette almost hit her. Ringo’s frown started to remark more when she decided what would be the appropriate reply.

” No. You wouldn’t understand. But it doesn’t matter. ” First things first, Ringo would be more than glad to accept if that was a more ‘normal’ problem.  Why she had to let some stranger help her with something so delicate like the personality problems of her servant ?! ” I’m sorry I hit you. It was an accident. ” The diary keeper bowed after saying this, ready to leave in any moment.

"You…?" Beryl awaited the end of her sentence patiently.

” No. You wouldn’t understand. But it doesn’t matter. ”

"You’d be surprised! Plus, I’m sure there’s a way I can help! If you bottle up the problem and keep it to yourself, you’re only going to feel worse, after all!” She said this, but seemed kind of smug about it. Then again, she always had this air of slight…smugness? around her. It was to be expected at this point. “Sometimes, all you need is someone to listen to you!”

” I’m sorry I hit you. It was an accident. ”

"Aw, shucks, it’s no big deal! I’m not hurt, so it doesn’t matter one bit!" Her grin was obvious- she was just glad no one else got hurt, honestly.

What have we here? || Open


[ With his hands in his pockets, Mao walked through the new streets. It was too bright; he definitely wasn’t in the Netherworld any more. No, this was the Human World, wasn’t it? Great. First question is, how to get back?

To anybody who merely glanced at the demon probably would have thought he was a relatively short teenager with extremely pale skin. Though, close inspection of him will reveal pointed ears, demonic eyes of a deep red hue and slight fangs inside his mouth. In short, he was a demon, a young one: standing at 1578 years of age.

Though a sudden expression of realisation appeared on his face and he stopped in his tracks. Pieces were falling into place in his head ]

Wish? Grail? War?

[ The demon begun to breathe heavily, his glasses fogging over with drips of saliva beginning to exit at the corner of his mouth; he was excited. Once he had pieced everything together with his 1.8 million EQ, he snapped out of it and returned to normal, an evil smirk appearing at the corner of his mouth ]

That’s right. I’m a Master now. I just need to find my vassal.

[ As he said this, he pulled out his right hand from his pocket, revealing a mark. Yep, he was definitely a Master. Replacing it back in his pocket, he was about to set off once more, but he felt the stare of a presence behind him. Turning on his heel, he smirked confidently, letting out a slight evil chuckle as he spoke ]


And what have we here?

[ Raspberyl would have thought oh, this is just another Netherworld, if it weren’t for the fact that when she asked to see the Overlord so that she could attempt to persuade him to whatever goal she had set for herself this time, the people just shook their head and laughed and smiled and said ‘good one’ and walked away. When they left, they were all chatting and gossiping about ‘that little cosplayer’, saying things like ‘what a silly kid’ or something to that effect. Cries of ‘I’m not a kid!’ and ‘I’m not cosplaying!’, as well as ‘What’s so funny?!’ welled up in her throat, but her self-restraint kept her from doing so. It was a known rule that a Badass never loses his or her cool, and being (or wanting to become) the Number One Badass, she had to abide by it.

Of course no one thought she was a demon because it was ‘soooo impossible’ and also because, and she would quote, ‘demons aren’t real, were never real, and never will be real’. She’d ask things like ‘why not’ and they’d just shrug and say ‘because’, while the troublesome ones would sneer and say ‘because it’s an improbability’ and laugh, just like the others, that mocking laugh that was currently the source of the demoness’ frustrations, as they too walked away.

And then she tried what she thought she’d never try— ‘I’m friends with two humans- the Princess and the Ex-Fake-Hero. Have you seen them?’

And they howled with laughter, as if they couldn’t keep it to chuckles and giggles, contain it any longer. A princess, they’d ask. An ex-fake-hero, they’d inquire. What a cute little game- now go on, run along and find your friends so you can keep playing that funny little game of yours. And she would ‘run along’, but not to play a ‘funny little game’. She did it to get away from them, mostly, as her determination could not outlast the ‘insults’ of these humans for very long. That, and they had given her an idea…

Soon, she walked the streets of this new place, still feeling slightly downtrodden by the Humans unwillingness to believe, but now she had a new goal. ‘Find your friends’, they said. Yes, Beryl thought, That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Totting around her weapon- a book which was almost, if not just as tall as her, she wandered the area. The pieces of information about why she was here were slowly falling into her head- a war, a wish, and a grail. Not only this, but she was a servant, a role she’d taken on with no complaints- helping others, even if it was in the form of ‘serving them’, was still the delinquent thing to do.

The delinquent already knew what she’d wish for, too! Why, nothing short of becoming the No. 1 Delinquent in the entire universe!….s. Her dreams of becoming the greatest delinquent would finally come true— Kyoko and Asuka would be so proud! Biting her lip was all she could do to keep from smiling like an idiot.

Suddenly, when she blinked, she saw a face appear in her head. She blinked again. The image became clearer. She stopped walking and closed her eyes shut, making an effort to see this strange picture in her head. She could, at first, only vaguely assume what it was. A pink cat? No…It was a woman, with pink hair, glasses, and cat ears. That was all she could make out, but it was enough to go on. Someone like that would stick out like a sore thumb! …Just like her. A small sigh escaped her lips.

So this woman in her head— she was her master. It was probably the glasses, but she kind of reminded her of….

It was then she caught sight of a familiar white-haired demon.

She stood there, in a mild state of shock, staring at the back of his head from not to far away. And it seemed he had felt someone staring, because he turned on his heel to face her general direction!


And what have we here?

She almost held up the book in front of her face reflexively, as if it could hide her, but she stopped herself. She didn’t need to be so cautious— this was her rival! Assuring there was no reason to worry, its not like he’s going to up and kill you all of a sudden, she approached him! ]

Hey, Mao, how have you been? I see you’ve ended up here, too. Do you need any help figuring out what’s going on, because I can explain it to you." [ Two delinquent moves in one go: a pleasant greeting and an offer to help! She was definitely on a roll. Though, honestly, she figured Mao already knew all he needed to know.

By torturing some poor human into telling him. Most likely. ]

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Sense of fashion became worst with every year but let’s not comment about that, she was trying to apologize anyway , not to criticize the outfit !!


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✿ This is not the destiny I asked for || Into


Wars weren’t a joke.

But the concept of Master/Servant was too romantic for Ringo to ignore it.  She would just become like the brave princess who fought for her dreams ! Such a melodramatic turn of events ! Not like she minded them. It was PERFECT. And she was awaiting to meet her knight in *~*shining armor*~* and on a white horse who was going to protect her from everything that could harm her.

Even in the worst moments, her servant would be the most loyal one and they’ll enjoy those days and be together even in the worst ! Aaaah ~ the plot thickens. Yes, she had hopes for that beautiful and bright future when she got into this.


Yeah, no brave warrior for her.

That night when she met Berserker. A girl that could be the devil itself and kill without a regret. She wasn’t going to forget in all her life those crimson irises that seemed to pierce her soul. It was a matter of survival, not the vague idea she had at the beginning when introduced to the Holy Grail war. Not what she wanted, in other words.

But it was a good thing that her servant was not following her.

Was I asking for too much ? ” Ringo muttered for herself, walking by the crowd as she returned from buying the ingredients for the magnificent curry she needed to cook in sake to vanish her worries and problems, since from that moment living along with that insane servant she got.

Just by thinking about it Ringo got sick of her stomach. It was too horrible to be truth ! The Grail was too unfair ! Why it didn’t let her pick one instead !? One that wasn’t…a creepy murderer. How much she will stand this suffering ?! Stupid sick joke they had to play on her.

” I CAN’T DO IT —! ” Bursting out by the constant pile up this tragic situation, she lifted up the shopping bag, hitting the first target ( or person ) near due the tantrum she decided to throw up in public. Noticing the mistake too late, Ringo froze, concerned and specially worried about herself. Sure, she had a really good luck !!

” Eeeeh … “


And you miss actually harming her by an inch, hitting the top of her horn instead due to this girl’s extremely short stature. But this does call her to take a few steps forward. She flings a hand out to catch herself but meets nothing but air, and in the end it was unnecessary— she didn’t fall flat on her face. However, this didn’t mean she wasn’t angry, if not for only a second.

Why you…! Raspberyl straightened herself out before turning ‘round on the heel of her shoe, and remembered:

Badasses have to keep their cool.

With an inhale, then an exhale, she composed herself.

Sorry ‘bout that, it was my bad. I should have been more careful. She raised her fist to her mouth and let it hang limply while the other hand lay snug in the crook of her elbow. The demon avoided eye contact for the most part, and her wings moved every once in a while to show that yes, they were there, they were real.

"Anyway, you said you can’t do something? If that’s true, I’d be more than willing to help!” The smug expression that came across her face as she now made eye contact- she was finally looking the girl over. She was human, definitely, and quite obviously a girl, so there was that. Her appearance overall made her out to be, in Beryl’s opinion, the Average Jane. Not that this was a bad thing, of course. But lets get back on topic.

"So, what do you say?"


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